Jun. 2nd, 2011 12:14 am
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Have succeeded in scaring self half to death. Better than dying of boredom, I suppose, but would rather not do either.

Day before yesterday, had just managed to get kids to sleep (baby in crib in our bedroom; toddler in our bed in same room, because it's easier to do that than argue with him every day) and was sitting in living room, trying to write, when baby monitor disturbed me. Faint sounds of movement, nothing major. Crept down hallway as silently as possible, in case baby was merely stirring but not really awake, but both children still asleep.

Returned to living room: several minutes of silence, then static and the distinct sound of someone walking around in bedroom. Raced down hall to grab toddler before he could wake baby: both children still asleep.

Repeat of this yesterday, with added whispering noises that gave me the freaking creeps.

Today? Baby is sleeping in bassinet in living room. Toddler is napping on bed made up of the cushions form the other sofa. Baby monitor is off.

The worst thing is, I keep thinking I still hear noises from down the hall.
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