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Anyway, as I was saying: quite in love with the idea of self-publishing, because I've never lost that whole DIY ethos, and because doing something creative and amateurish from scratch would go a long way toward restoring my sanity and sense of self.

Which is also why, I think, all the dabbling in ritual lately: it's far enough from the expected role of married-in-the-suburbs to feel as though it's just for me, not for family. Besides which, nobody has greater need of occult intervention than the mother of small children, take my word for it.
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In spite of the, well, spite of much of Crowley's account of himself, and in spite of the quite obvious fraud and delusion surrounding the whole set--might they not have been a little bit right?

The phrase "Astral Plane" has since been tainted by idiots, but leaving the nomenclature aside, it does often feel as if there were layers of reality other than this one, and as though things "accomplished" there might bleed through and affect ordinary life. In a more deliberate way, that is, than the common one of imagining (must one call it "visualizing"?) something and then having it come true (much more easily, it always seems, than it would have done without the imagining).

Must play around with this idea some more.


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What shall we raise today?

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