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Last night in house.

Could it be possible, do you suppose, to summon up characters?

It sounds too stupid to believe fictional people could be called into present-day reality, walking around, talking and eating. But what if you set characters in the past? Might it be possible to summon them into the past, and alter history--nothing huge, like killing Hitler, just minor bits of local history?

Because I keep wondering if what I've done is infested this house with the ghosts of the characters I created. By imagining them having lived in this place a century ago, have I created a haunting from scratch?


May. 7th, 2011 02:03 am
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Keep thinking (somewhat morbidly) about the distance between this place I've followed my husband to, and the place I still consider home.

No wonder I spend so much time lost in my own thoughts. No wonder, too, I keep trying to impose my imaginary landscapes over that real one, the one I'm missing. Out of place here, so naturally seeking refuge in imaginary places, and in fictitious reworkings of the place I miss.

Not to mention, fulltime mommyhood is enough to drive anyone around the bend. I mean, even a person who didn't write as a hobby would probably scare up a few imaginary friends, out of sheer boredom.


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What shall we raise today?

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